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Prime Minister Narendra Modi Releases Vibrant Navratri Garba Songs: ‘Maadi’ and ‘Garbo’

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On the auspicious occasion of Navratri, Prime Minister Narendra Modi added a musical touch to the celebrations by releasing a new Garba song titled “Maadi.” This four-minute and 40-second-long Gujarati Garba, penned by PM Modi himself, was brought to life with the melodious voice of singer Divya Kumar and composed by the renowned Meet Bros. The Prime Minister took to YouTube and Twitter, formerly known as X, to share the vibrant music video.

In his tweet, PM Modi expressed his delight in sharing this festive creation: “As the auspicious Navratri dawns upon us, I am delighted to share a Garba penned by me during the past week. Let the festive rhythms embrace everyone!” He extended his gratitude to the talented singer and composer for lending their voices and musical expertise to the Garba.

Now, with “Maadi,” PM Modi has presented yet another musical gift to the nation. The Garba, sung by Divya Kumar, promises to be a hit during the Navratri celebrations. Its Gujarati lyrics resonate with the cultural roots of the festival and evoke a sense of nostalgia and celebration among the listeners.

In a country as diverse as India, where regional cultures and traditions thrive, Garba has managed to transcend boundaries and become a symbol of unity and festivity. PM Modi’s lyrical talents have added a unique dimension to this cultural treasure.

The music video paints a colorful canvas of people donned in traditional attire as they make their way to various Garba venues to revel in the joyous dance form. Dandiya sticks add an extra element of enthusiasm to the celebration. Notably, the video features the majestic Statue of Unity in Vadodara, dedicated to the Iron Man of India, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, as a backdrop in one of the frames.

This musical gift from PM Modi follows another Garba song titled “Garbo,” which was released on Saturday. The 190-second song, penned by the Prime Minister several years ago, was brought to life by the melodious voice of Dhvani Bhanushali and the musical composition of Tanishk Bagchi. It was released under the banner of Just Music, a music label established by actor-producer Jackky Bhagnani. Within just six hours of its release, “Garbo” gained immense popularity online, amassing over a million views on YouTube.

Just Music described “Garbo” as “inspired by the poetic notes penned by none other than the only PM Narendra Modi. GARBO transports us to witness the dynamic culture of Gujarat during Navratri.”

PM Modi expressed his anticipation for “Maadi” by tweeting, “I have not written for many years now, but I did manage to write a new Garba over the last few days, which I will share during Navratri.”

With these Garba songs, PM Modi has not only extended his warm Navratri greetings but also added his creative touch to the vibrant celebrations of this auspicious festival. The songs are expected to resonate with people across India and Gujaratis worldwide as they come together to dance to the festive beats of Navratri.

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