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Water Levels in Seven Reservoirs Supplying City Reach 90.55%

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As per data provided by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), the cumulative water reserve in the seven reservoirs responsible for providing drinking water to Mumbai currently stands at 13,10,571 million liters, equivalent to 90.55%.

Despite the incessant rainfall in Mumbai leading to a rise in lake levels, this year’s water levels remain lower compared to the previous year.

The Modak Sagar lake, one of the crucial sources of water for Mumbai, commenced overflowing on July 27 at 10.52 pm, as informed by the civic authority. Prior to that, on July 20, the Tulsi lake had already exceeded its capacity following heavy rainfall within the city and its outskirts. Mumbai’s water supply is drawn from seven lakes – Tulsi, Tansa, Vihar, Bhatsa, Modak Sagar, Upper Vaitarna, and Middle Vaitarna.

The data shared by the BMC reveals that Tansa’s water level is at 99.02%, while Modak Sagar has 98.68% of its water stock available. Similarly, Middle Vaitarna is at 97.27%, Upper Vaitarna at 78.39%, Bhatsa at 88.94%, Vihar at 100%, and Tulsi at 100% of their respective useful water levels.

Simultaneously, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) has forecasted “light to moderate spells of rain” in Mumbai and its suburban areas for Thursday. The IMD has issued a ‘green’ alert for Mumbai, anticipating light to moderate rainfall.

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) commented, “Light rainfall or thundershowers are likely in the city and suburbs today.”

In terms of tides, a high tide of approximately 4.80 meters is predicted to impact Mumbai at 12.06 pm today, as per the BMC. Additionally, a low tide of about 0.81 meters is projected for 6.13 pm today.

The civic body’s data reveals that over the course of 24 hours ending at 8 am, the island city received an average rainfall of 0.08 mm, while the eastern and western suburbs experienced 0.0 mm and 0.06 mm of rainfall, respectively.

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