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US Navy Intercepts Missiles Fired from Yemen in the Red Sea

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In a recent incident that has garnered global attention, the USS Carney, a US Navy destroyer patrolling in the Red Sea, successfully intercepted missiles and drones fired by Iran-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen. While the exact target of these projectiles remains uncertain, the possibility of Israel being the intended destination has raised concerns. The Pentagon confirmed the incident, with three “land-attack cruise missiles and several drones” intercepted during the defensive response.

Pentagon spokesman Brigadier General Pat Ryder provided details about the interception, explaining that the attack had been “launched by Houthi forces in Yemen,” potentially aimed at targets in Israel. This development follows President Joe Biden’s directive for a heightened US military presence in the region, intended to maintain stability in the aftermath of the Israel-Hamas conflict in the Gaza Strip.

The Huthi rebels, supported by Iran, have been engaged in a conflict with a government backed by a Saudi-led coalition in Yemen. The missiles and drones were fired from Yemen, and there were no reported casualties among US forces. The intercepted missiles likely fell into open water rather than over land.

Ryder emphasized that the precise target of the launched projectiles remains unconfirmed, but they were fired from Yemen, moving in a northerly direction along the Red Sea. He stated, “Our defensive response was one we would have taken for any similar threat in the region.”

The United States has the capability to defend its broader interests in the region and aims to deter regional escalation and the expansion of the conflict initiated by Hamas’ attack on Israeli civilians.

In response to the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict, President Joe Biden ordered an increase in air and naval assets in the Middle East, including the dispatch of two aircraft carriers, to prevent the situation from escalating further in this volatile region.

Additionally, the Pentagon recently placed 2,000 personnel on standby for potential deployment. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin explained that this deployment would enable the United States to respond more rapidly to the crisis. The White House clarified that it has no intention of deploying US combat forces on the ground.

Biden’s visit to Israel this week reaffirmed the strong support of the United States for its ally. In a speech scheduled for later on 19th Oct, the President is expected to urge Congress to provide military backing for both Israel and Ukraine, another embattled US ally.

Regarding reports suggesting that the US had informed Israel about the readiness of US forces to fight alongside Israeli troops in the event of an attack by the Lebanese organization Hezbollah, President Biden denied these claims, stating, “Our military is talking with their military about what the alternatives are” in case of a Hezbollah attack.

The situation in the Middle East continues to evolve rapidly, with the United States taking measures to safeguard its allies and maintain stability in the region. Stay tuned for the Latest News Today for live updates and further developments.

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