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India Launches Operation Ajay in Israel-Hamas War; Netanyahu Vows to Crush Hamas

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India Takes Bold Initiative with ‘Operation Ajay’ to Ensure the Safe Repatriation of 18,000 Citizens Stranded in Israel and Palestine as Tensions Soar in the Israel-Hamas Conflict.

In response to the escalating Israel-Hamas conflict, the Indian government has initiated ‘Operation Ajay’ to ensure the safe return of its citizens from Israel and Palestine. The announcement was made by External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar on Wednesday, underscoring India’s commitment to the well-being of its nationals abroad.

As the world watched the conflict between Israel and Hamas intensify, the situation prompted concerns for the safety of Indian citizens living and working in the region. The recent violence erupted when Hamas militants launched more than 5,000 rockets from the Gaza Strip toward Israel, provoking a retaliatory military response from the Israeli government.

Jaishankar took to social media to make the official announcement stating; “Launching #OperationAjay to facilitate the return from Israel of our citizens who wish to return. Special charter flights and other arrangements are being put in place. Fully committed to the safety and well-being of our nationals abroad.”

To execute the operation efficiently, the Indian government will utilize special charter flights to repatriate its citizens. Additionally, Indian Navy vessels will be deployed if the situation requires their assistance.

The Indian Embassy in Israel has initiated communication with the first batch of registered Indian citizens to schedule their return flight on Thursday. Subsequent communication will follow for the remaining registered citizens, ensuring a phased repatriation process.

The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) has set up a 24/7 control room in Delhi along with dedicated emergency helplines in Tel Aviv and Ramallah. These facilities will not only monitor the evolving situation in Israel and Palestine but also provide essential information and assistance to Indian citizens in the affected regions.

India’s decision to launch ‘Operation Ajay’ comes as a relief to the estimated 18,000 Indian citizens currently residing in Israel. These expatriates comprise a diverse group, including caregivers, students, IT professionals, and diamond traders, all of whom have been affected by the escalating conflict.

The newly established control rooms will play a vital role in assessing the number and location of Indian nationals in Israel and Palestine, as well as gauging their willingness to return to India amidst the unrest. This information will be crucial in planning and executing the evacuation operation efficiently.

The initiation of ‘Operation Ajay’ demonstrates India’s unwavering commitment to safeguarding the welfare of its citizens abroad during times of crisis. As tensions in the region continue to mount, the Indian government’s proactive measures seek to ensure the secure return of its nationals from the war zone. The repatriation efforts, which include specially chartered flights and naval support, aim to provide a glimmer of hope and relief to those caught up in the turmoil of the Israel-Hamas conflict.

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