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Prime Minister Modi Burns Ravana Effigy in Dwarka, Emphasizes Unity and Progress

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In a symbolic and culturally significant event, Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended the Dussehra celebrations in Dwarka, Delhi on 24th Oct. During the festivities, he highlighted the importance of Dussehra, going beyond the traditional burning of the effigy of Ravana on Vijayadashmi. The event became a platform for the Prime Minister to convey a powerful message of unity and progress for the nation.

Addressing a massive gathering before the effigies of Ravana, Kumbhakarna, and Meghnad were set ablaze, Prime Minister Modi underscored the need to eradicate divisive forces and promote national unity. He stated, “Let this occasion see the end of those forces which try to divide Mother India in the name of casteism and regionalism. There should be the defeat of ideas which seek the fulfillment of selfish gain and not the development of India.”

The Prime Minister stressed the symbolism of Vijayadashami, marking the victory of justice over injustice, humility over arrogance, and patience over passion. While the effigy burning commemorates the victory of Lord Ram over the demon king Ravana, it also serves as an opportunity for self-reflection and resolution.

Modi urged the citizens to make ten resolutions in their lives, focusing on vital aspects such as water conservation, digital transactions promotion, cleanliness, support for local products, the creation of high-quality goods, exploring the country before foreign lands, advocating for natural farming, and adopting millets and fitness.

Furthermore, the Prime Minister celebrated India’s recent achievements, noting the country’s successful lunar mission and its rapid ascent as the third-largest economy globally. He also mentioned the inauguration of a new Parliament building and the passing of the Nari Shakti Vandan Adhiniyam, highlighting India’s commitment to women’s empowerment.

Modi proudly stated, “India is emerging as not just the largest, but also the most reliable democracy in the world; the world is watching this Mother of Democracy.”

In the context of the ongoing construction of Lord Ram’s temple in Ayodhya, Modi described it as a monumental event in India’s post-independence history. He said, “In a way, after 75 years of Independence, it will mean the birth time of India’s happy future, but India will need to be on vigil.”

The Prime Minister emphasized India’s unique approach to weaponry, viewing them as tools for self-defense rather than aggression. He stated, “We worship Shakti for the welfare of the whole universe. India’s philosophy and thinking teach these values only.”

He also showcased India’s diverse capabilities, highlighting the balance between reverence for tradition, exemplified by Lord Ram’s values, and modern achievements, including the development of advanced fighter jets like Tejas and the aircraft carrier INS Vikrant.

Modi expressed his optimism regarding the completion of Lord Ram’s temple in Ayodhya, stating, “Only a few months are left for Lord Ram to take His place in His Ayodhya temple.”

Looking to the future, the Prime Minister outlined his vision for India over the next 25 years. He envisioned an India aligned with Lord Ram’s ideals, a self-reliant, developed nation that promotes world peace, equal rights for all citizens, and a sense of prosperity and contentment.

As the Dussehra celebration culminated, Prime Minister Modi urged every citizen to take part in nation-building by supporting one underprivileged family and striving to ensure that no Indian goes without basic facilities such as housing, electricity, gas, water, or healthcare.

The Prime Minister’s message resonated with the audience, emphasizing unity, progress, and collective responsibility in building a prosperous India. This Dussehra celebration in Dwarka will undoubtedly be remembered as a pivotal moment in India’s journey towards a brighter future.

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