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Official Autopsy Report Discloses Cause of ‘SNL’ Star Dana Carvey’s Son Dex’s Untimely Death

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The official cause of death for Dana Carvey’s son, Dex Carvey, has been disclosed, shedding light on the tragic circumstances surrounding the 32-year-old’s passing.

Dex Carvey, the son of “Saturday Night Live” luminary Dana Carvey, was discovered unresponsive in his bathroom by first responders following a 911 call from his girlfriend last year. The news of his untimely demise prompted a heartfelt tribute from his grieving parents, Dana and Paula Zwargerman.

The official autopsy report has now confirmed that Dex Carvey’s cause of death was attributed to “drug toxicity,” specifically involving the substances fentanyl, ketamine, and cocaine. The manner of his death has been officially categorized as an “accident.”

The revelation comes two months after Dana and Paula shared their profound grief over the loss of their beloved son in a poignant social media statement. In their tribute, they expressed the immense sorrow of losing Dex to an accidental drug overdose and highlighted his vibrant and multifaceted life.

The official statement from Dana and Paula read, “Last night we suffered a terrible tragedy. Our beloved son, Dex, died of an accidental drug overdose. He was 32 years old. Dex packed a lot into those 32 years. He was extremely talented at so many things.”

Emphasizing Dex’s love for life, the statement conveyed that being in his presence made life more enjoyable. They described him as a person who “made everything fun” and underscored his deep affection for family, friends, and his girlfriend, Kaylee.

Reflecting on Dex’s creative spirit, Dana and Paula reminisced about his handmade birthday cards, treasuring the memories Dex left behind. They concluded their heartfelt tribute by extending support and prayers to those grappling with addiction, aiming to raise awareness and compassion.

Dana Carvey, known for his iconic roles on “Saturday Night Live,” chose to step away from the Hollywood spotlight in the late ’90s to prioritize his family. The comedian, who had a thriving career, including notable characters like Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar in “Wayne’s World,” made a conscious decision to focus on raising his sons, Dex and Thomas, with his wife Paula.

In a 2019 interview with People magazine, Dana explained his decision to take a hiatus from acting, saying, “My wife and I made two humans, so I thought I probably should make some adjustments based on the two humans being there.”

Dex and his brother Thomas shared their father’s inclination for comedy, often joining Dana in his shows. The family dynamic shifted Dana’s priorities from fame to fatherhood.

Following Dex’s tragic passing, an outpouring of condolences flooded social media, with fellow “Saturday Night Live” stars and others expressing their sympathy. Kenan Thompson, Vanessa Bayer, and singer Chantal Kreviazuk were among those who conveyed their heartfelt messages of support to the grieving Carvey family.

As the details of Dex Carvey’s cause of death emerge, the Carvey family is navigating this challenging time with the support and empathy of a community mourning the loss of a young life.

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