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Eight Teens Charged with Murder in Fatal Schoolyard Brawl

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Eight high school students in Nevada are facing murder charges following the tragic beating death of a 17-year-old schoolmate during an after-school brawl earlier this month, according to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. The victim, Jonathan Lewis Jr., succumbed to his injuries days after the November 1 attack.

The fatal incident unfolded at Rancho High School, where the altercation is believed to have originated over a dispute involving stolen headphones. Lieutenant Jason Johansson of the Las Vegas Police Department revealed during a news conference on Tuesday that the students had planned to meet in a back alley near the campus to address the conflict after classes.

The police investigation identified eight students from Rancho High School who were directly involved in the fatal brawl. Arrests were made on Tuesday, and the students, aged 13 to 17, were booked into the Clark County Juvenile Hall. The police are also working to identify two other individuals who may have participated in the fight.

The exact circumstances that led to Jonathan’s involvement in the brawl remain unclear. Jonathan’s family mentioned on a website that he intervened to help a smaller child facing bullying, although further details have not been provided.

Lieutenant Johansson disclosed that the altercation escalated rapidly, with the stolen headphones and possibly a vape pen being central to the conflict. Once involved, Jonathan was reportedly attacked by a group of students, who relentlessly beat him until he lost consciousness.

Disturbing videos of the fight have circulated on social media, showing multiple individuals exchanging blows. Undersheriff Andrew Walsh described the footage as “extremely disturbing,” with Lieutenant Johansson adding that the videos were “very graphic” and, in his opinion, “void of humanity.”

Following the fight, Jonathan was discovered unconscious in the alley and was carried to Rancho High School, where he was subsequently transported to the hospital. Doctors determined that he had suffered “nonsurvivable head trauma.” Jonathan’s family made the heartbreaking decision to donate his organs six days after the fight when he was declared medically brain-dead.

An autopsy conducted by the Clark County coroner’s office confirmed that the cause of death was blunt force trauma.

The legal consequences for the eight teenagers remain uncertain. Nevada state law allows minors older than 14 to be tried as adults for felony offenses, including murder. The Clark County District Attorney’s Office has not yet commented on whether they will pursue charges against the teens as adults.

During the news conference, Lieutenant Johansson addressed the question of hate crime charges, stating that, at present, there is no evidence indicating that the assault was motivated by hate.

The devastating incident has prompted Rancho High School to offer resources and support to those affected, acknowledging the profound impact on the school community. Undersheriff Walsh emphasized the importance of having difficult conversations with children about the consequences of their actions, stating that such actions have lasting and life-altering consequences.

In the wake of this tragedy, the community is left grappling with the profound loss and seeking justice for Jonathan Lewis Jr.

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