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Democrats Divided Over Conditions on Aid to Israel Amidst Escalating Conflict with Hamas

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Democrats in Congress are facing internal strife and discord with the Biden administration over proposals from the left to impose conditions on emergency security aid to Israel in the midst of its conflict with Hamas. This development underscores a growing division within the Democratic Party concerning its support for the state of Israel.

Traditionally, Capitol Hill has approved substantial military funding for Israel with minimal restrictions for decades. However, as Israel engages in a conflict with Hamas, resulting in a notable civilian death toll, an increasing number of Democrats are expressing apprehensions about the utilization of American funds in the conflict.

The impending clash among Democrats may reach a critical point on the Senate floor next week, as Majority Leader Senator Chuck Schumer of New York has hinted at the chamber initiating work on a legislative package, which includes the aid measure.

Behind closed doors on Capitol Hill and at the White House, Democratic disagreements on this matter surfaced on Tuesday. At the White House, National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan met with approximately 20 Democratic senators expressing concerns about how Israel might employ U.S. assistance. Simultaneously, during a private party lunch in the Capitol, some of these Democrats advocated for conditions in the aid package, emphasizing increased humanitarian assistance to Gaza and a commitment from Israel to minimize civilian casualties.

Senator Chris Van Hollen of Maryland, leading this effort, stated, “We want the president to secure express assurances from the Netanyahu government regarding a plan to reduce the unacceptable level of civilian casualties, and we want the Netanyahu coalition to commit to full cooperation with our efforts to provide humanitarian assistance to civilians in Gaza.”

Van Hollen had earlier spearheaded a letter to President Biden, signed by half of the Democratic caucus, expressing concerns about the potential misuse of weapons supplied by the United States.

The Biden administration has sought $14.3 billion for Israel’s war effort against Hamas as part of a comprehensive national security package, including additional funds for humanitarian aid to Palestinian civilians in Gaza. While no Democrats have openly opposed the package, some are uneasy about the potential consequences of Israel using more substantial offensive weapons funded by additional American aid.

This internal Democratic discord has become the latest focal point in the ongoing debate within the party regarding the extent of restraint Israel should exercise in its military actions against Gaza. Both party leaders have dismissed the need for conditions, asserting that such measures could hinder Israel’s military strategy.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell seized the opportunity to highlight Democratic divisions on the issue, stating, “If Senate Democrats want to vote to tie the hands of Israeli soldiers as they defend their country against vicious terrorists, I welcome such a debate.”

The issue at hand represents a significant departure from the historical context, where Congress has not previously detailed terms restricting the conditions under which Israel can use weapons procured from the United States. The ongoing debate among Democrats reflects an effort by some to include explicit assurances in the aid package that Israel’s operations align with international law.

While some leading Democrats argue that the Biden administration has already taken steps to ensure responsible Israeli military actions, the intensified debate signals a broader reassessment of the traditional approach towards Israel’s use of force. As lawmakers brace for a potential resumption of hostilities in the Gaza Strip, the Democrats advocating for conditions emphasize their concerns as a proactive measure to prevent a worsening humanitarian crisis and security instability in the region.

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