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Vladimir Putin’s Health Raises Concerns Amid Heart Attack Reports

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In a startling turn of events, Russian President Vladimir Putin reportedly experienced a heart attack and had to be “resuscitated” after collapsing in his bedroom in Moscow. These developments have left the world in a state of shock and raised questions about the state of Putin’s health.

The news broke after a video of President Putin began circulating online, leading to rampant speculation about his condition. In the video, Putin was seen speaking at an unspecified public event, and what caught the attention of eagle-eyed observers was a visible scar on his neck. This raised concerns and prompted rumors about potential health issues.

Reports suggest that the scar might be the result of resuscitation procedures, which only fueled the speculation about Putin’s health. Shortly after the video surfaced, Express UK reported that President Putin had suffered a heart attack and required intensive care.

Adding to the intrigue, a Telegram channel believed to belong to a former Kremlin official, known as General SVR, claimed that Putin’s health had caused significant “alarm” in Moscow. The channel suggested that all recent public appearances by the Russian President, including foreign visits, were carried out by body doubles.

General SVR alleged that doctors had to perform resuscitation on Putin before transferring him to a specially equipped intensive care facility within his official residence. The report stated, “Doctors performed resuscitation, having previously determined that the president was in cardiac arrest. Help was provided on time, the heart was started, and Putin regained consciousness.”

As of now, there has been no official response from the Kremlin regarding these claims. It’s worth noting that Russian officials have consistently denied any health problems concerning the 71-year-old President Putin in the past.

The post on General SVR’s channel continued to provide details of the incident: “At about 21:05 Moscow time, security officers of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who were on duty at the residence, heard noise and sounds of falling coming from the president’s bedroom. Two security officers immediately followed into the president’s bedroom and saw Putin lying on the floor next to the bed and an overturned table with food and drinks.”

The channel claimed that “the president was moved to a specially equipped room in his residence, where the necessary medical equipment for resuscitation had already been installed.” It further mentioned that Putin’s condition had been stabilized, and he is now under constant medical supervision.

The news of President Putin’s health has sparked international interest and concern. Russia is known for its tight control over information related to the President’s well-being, leading to intense speculation when such incidents occur.

As this story continues to develop, it is important to remain cautious about unverified information and await official statements from the Kremlin regarding the condition of President Putin.

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