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Jack McBrayer Hosts HGTV’s Newest Hit- ‘Zillow Gone Wild’ What’s Inside These Wild Homes?

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Image Credit: boston.com

The new HGTV show “Zillow Gone Wild” promises viewers a tour through some of the most unusual homes while retaining a polite and celebratory tone towards homeowners’ unique expressions. It’s a riveting blend of entertainment and real estate fascination.

Based on the wildly popular Instagram account of the same name, “Zillow Gone Wild” takes audiences on a tour of homes curated for their unusual features and designs. Hosted by Jack McBrayer, renowned for his Emmy-nominated role on “30 Rock,” the nine-episode series promises to indulge the guilty pleasure of gawking at the bizarre and extraordinary.

From abandoned missile silos to houses transformed into pirate ships, each episode of “Zillow Gone Wild” rates three homes on their creativity, commitment to theme, and sheer “wackadoo” factor. Viewers can expect a weekly dose of entertainment as they watch the highest-ranked homes progress through a tournament-style competition, culminating in the crowning of the most “wild” listing in the season finale.

McBrayer, known for his affable Southern charm, brings warmth and curiosity to each episode as he meets with homeowners and explores the stories behind their unusual dwellings. He views the show as an opportunity to celebrate the individuality and creativity of homeowners who have made daring design choices.

With a mix of homeowners looking to sell their unique properties and those who have recently acquired them, “Zillow Gone Wild” offers insight into the motivations behind these unconventional purchases. Whether it’s embarking on a new chapter in life, pursuing an investment opportunity, or simply embracing a distinct style, each homeowner’s journey adds depth to the exploration of their homes.

McBrayer emphasizes the importance of approaching each home visit with respect and appreciation for the homeowners’ choices. Despite the show’s focus on eccentricities, he is careful not to mock or ridicule the homeowners, opting instead for a lighthearted and positive approach.

Acknowledging the vulnerability of homeowners who open their doors to him and the camera crew, McBrayer ensures that his interactions are marked by Southern hospitality. He extends gestures of gratitude, such as personalized mugs from HGTV and handwritten thank-you notes, to show his appreciation for their hospitality.

Throughout his visits, McBrayer refrains from singling out a favorite home, recognizing the uniqueness and memorability of each property he encounters. He aims to celebrate the homeowners’ commitment to self-expression through their homes, rather than passing judgment or criticism.

By adopting a celebratory tone and using terms like “wackadoo” to affectionately describe the homes, McBrayer aims to highlight the joy and creativity behind each unconventional design choice. He hopes to offer viewers an entertaining and positive experience while showcasing the remarkable diversity of home decor and architecture.

As “Zillow Gone Wild” invites viewers into a world of whimsical and extraordinary homes, it promises to be a delightful journey filled with laughter, curiosity, and Southern charm.

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