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How Did Nemo Outshine Competitors to Win Eurovision?

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Image Credit: The Japan Times

Swiss artist Nemo, a non-binary singer and rapper, clinched victory for Switzerland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 held in Malmo, Sweden, outshining Croatia in the finale.

In a contest typically celebrated for its cultural diversity, this year’s event took on a political hue amid calls for Israel’s exclusion due to its military actions in Gaza following an attack by Hamas in October.

Nemo, aged 24, claimed the Eurovision crown with the track “The Code,” a genre-blending fusion of drum-and-bass, opera, rap, and rock, chronicling their personal journey of self-discovery as a non-binary individual.

Expressing gratitude upon receiving the Eurovision trophy, Nemo remarked, “I hope this contest can live up to its promise and continue to stand for peace and dignity for every person in this world.”

Reflecting on their win during a subsequent news conference, Nemo expressed astonishment at how their song, which delves into their life experiences, resonated with audiences, potentially inspiring others to embrace their authenticity.

This victory marks Switzerland’s third triumph at Eurovision, the first since Celine Dion’s win in 1988 with “Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi.”

The news of Nemo’s win sparked celebrations across Switzerland, with jubilant crowds gathering in Zurich’s bars to revel in the victory. Amid the festivities, Nemo’s performance of “The Code” was met with enthusiastic sing-alongs.

Maha Nater, a 24-year-old kindergarten worker, hailed Nemo’s win as “fantastic,” emphasizing the significance of their victory in paving the way for greater acceptance of non-binary individuals.

Croatia’s entry, Baby Lasagna, secured the runner-up spot with the song “Rim Tim Tagi Dim,” narrating the story of a young man’s quest for a better life in the city.

Despite the controversy surrounding Israel’s participation, Eden Golan finished fifth in the contest. Demonstrators had called for a boycott of Israel, leading to a mix of boos and applause during Golan’s performance and the announcement of the Israeli jury’s points.

Outside the venue in Malmo, thousands of protesters voiced their dissent, waving Palestinian flags and chanting slogans decrying the Eurovision’s association with perceived injustices.

The competition saw participation from 25 countries, with the disqualification of Dutch artist Joost Klein following a complaint lodged by a production crew member.

Eurovision, known for its iconic glass microphone trophy, bestowed the coveted award upon Nemo, who humorously remarked on accidentally breaking the trophy, quipping, “I didn’t just break the code, I also broke the trophy.”

Nemo’s triumph at Eurovision 2024 not only signifies a milestone for Switzerland but also underscores the power of music in fostering inclusivity and acceptance on a global stage.

This story was originally featured on Indian Express

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