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Could Speaker Mike Johnson Be Ousted Over Ukraine Aid? GOP Divisions Deepen

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Image credit: The New York Times

As tensions escalate within the GOP over the issue of Ukraine aid, Rep. Don Bacon of Nebraska has warned that Speaker Mike Johnson’s leadership could be in jeopardy if he pushes for a vote on the matter in the House. Speaking on NBC News’ “Meet the Press,” Bacon acknowledged the possibility of Johnson facing a vote to oust him, citing dissent within the party’s ranks.

Bacon hinted at internal divisions, suggesting that a few members prioritize personal agendas over party unity, potentially jeopardizing the GOP’s slim majority in the House. While Bacon did not identify specific individuals, he emphasized the fragility of the party’s hold on power and the significant impact a handful of dissenting voices could have.

Despite the internal rifts, Bacon expressed support for providing aid to Ukraine, highlighting bipartisan efforts to craft a $66 billion bill focused on military assistance for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan. He underscored the need for a collaborative approach, advocating for a bipartisan solution that garners support from both chambers of Congress.

While Bacon voiced hope that Johnson would prevail as speaker, he acknowledged the possibility of Democrats siding with Republicans to prevent Johnson’s removal. Rep. Jim Clyburn of South Carolina hinted at such a scenario, indicating his willingness to support Johnson if called upon by House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries.

The prospect of a vote on Ukraine aid has raised concerns within the GOP, particularly regarding its potential implications for Johnson’s speakership. With the party divided over the issue, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia has submitted a motion to vacate, signaling discontent with Johnson’s leadership.

However, Greene’s motion has not been filed as privileged, meaning it would not automatically trigger a vote within 48 hours. Nonetheless, Greene has issued warnings against bringing Ukraine aid to the floor, further highlighting the discord within the GOP caucus.

Another contentious issue dividing House Republicans is the ongoing impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden, led by House Oversight Chair James Comer. Bacon suggested that the investigation may not have uncovered evidence of criminal wrongdoing, despite Comer’s assertion that he is preparing criminal referrals.

While Bacon emphasized the importance of transparency and investigation, he also acknowledged the need to assess the evidence objectively. However, he stopped short of calling for an end to the inquiry, indicating that the investigation may be nearing its conclusion.

The White House has consistently denied any wrongdoing by President Biden, dismissing GOP efforts to investigate as politically motivated. As tensions within the GOP continue to escalate, the fate of Speaker Mike Johnson remains uncertain, with Ukraine aid emerging as a pivotal issue that could determine the party’s future direction.

This story was originally featured on NCB News

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