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Gaza Internet Services Disrupted Again Following Israeli Air Strikes on Jabalia Refugee Camp

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In breaking news today, an Israeli Defense Forces airstrike on the Jabalia refugee camp in Gaza has resulted in a tragic loss of life and a renewed interruption of internet services. This latest strike, aimed at eliminating a senior Hamas commander, has raised international concerns and calls for an immediate ceasefire.

The Hamas-controlled health ministry in Gaza reported that the Israeli airstrike claimed the lives of approximately 50 people and left at least 100 individuals injured. Regrettably, Israel has not commented on the high casualty count. They have asserted that their operation targeted residential buildings within the camp to neutralize the senior Hamas figure.

Paltel, a Palestinian telecommunications company, has declared a “complete interruption of all communications and Internet services with the Gaza Strip” following the attack. This marks the second instance of a severe internet outage within a short span, as Gaza had only just regained connectivity on 27th Oct.

The aftermath of the airstrikes in Jabalia has been devastating, with images depicting large craters and widespread destruction. One eyewitness, Mohammad Ibrahim, recounted a horrifying scene, saying, “There were seven to eight huge holes in the ground, full of killed people, body parts all over the place. It felt like the end of the world.”

Another resident of Jabalia, Ragheb Aqal, likened the Israeli Defense Forces’ attack to an earthquake. “I went and saw the destruction … homes buried under the rubble and body parts and martyrs and wounded in huge numbers,” he said.

The severity of the incident was underscored by the loss of 19 family members of Al Jazeera’s SNG engineer, Mohamed Abu Al-Qumsan. Several of the injured were rushed to Al Shifa Hospital, where they received treatment. A nurse from Médecins Sans Frontières, Mohammed Hawajreh, described the grim situation at the hospital and the urgent need for resources, including fuel for generators.

Israel has claimed that a “large number of terrorists” from Hamas’s Central Jabalia Battalion were present with the senior commander at the time of the strike. According to BBC, Israel asserted that their operation also destroyed Hamas’s “underground terror infrastructure.”

Global leaders and humanitarian organizations have strongly condemned the airstrikes at Jabalia, calling for immediate action. Melanie Ward, CEO of Medical Aid for Palestinians, stated, “Their meek requests for compliance with international law are being ignored entirely; Israel has instead increased the ferocity of its indiscriminate and disproportionate attacks.”

The conflict in Gaza has already claimed over 8,525 Palestinian lives since October 7, with an additional 100 casualties reported after this incident. On the Israeli side, more than 1,400 people have lost their lives. Despite mounting calls for a ceasefire from various quarters, the Israeli government, led by Benjamin Netanyahu, has remained steadfast in its refusal to agree to a cessation of hostilities.

Aid workers have consistently warned of the deteriorating situation in Gaza, emphasizing that access to basic services and food is becoming increasingly untenable with each passing day.

Meanwhile, Egypt’s Foreign Ministry denounced the Israeli attack as a “flagrant violation of international laws.” Jordan’s Foreign Ministry also condemned the strike and held Israel responsible for the escalating tension in the West Bank, along with the growing number of attacks on Palestinian civilians. Jordan called on the international community to intervene, halt the ongoing conflict, and provide international protection for Palestinians.

In summary, the Israeli airstrike on the Jabalia refugee camp has not only resulted in a tragic loss of life but also a fresh disruption of internet services in Gaza. This incident has ignited international concern and calls for an immediate ceasefire as the conflict continues to escalate.

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