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How Cunard’s 2025 Event Voyages Promise Unique Experiences at Sea

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Cunard has revealed its 2025 Occasion Voyages program, including a cluster of improving and sumptuous agendas over its celebrated armada. This most recent declaration by the eminent voyage line highlights an arrangement of voyages on Ruler Mary 2, Ruler Elizabeth, and Ruler Victoria, advertising visitors the opportunity to lock in with specialists from different areas such as expressions, gastronomy, wine, and excitement.

The 2025 Occasion Voyages program comprises of seven fastidiously curated schedules, each extending from five to eleven evenings, planned to provide special and important encounters. These voyages will commence in February 2025 and cater to a wide range of interface.

Great Australian Culinary Voyage, Queen Elizabeth
Kicking off the program is the Incredible Australian Culinary Voyage on board Ruler Elizabeth. This culinary experience will highlight a few of Australia’s most famous chefs, nourishment makers, and faultfinders. Visitors will appreciate an extraordinary three-course supper within the Britannia and Barbecues Eateries and share in a bespoke culinary shore encounter in Hobart. Withdrawing on February 6, 2025, this voyage is estimated from $1333 per individual based on twofold inhabitance in a Britannia Overhang stateroom.

Film Festival at Sea, Queen Mary 2
The seven-night Queen Mary 2 voyage known as the Film Festival at Sea is the next event on the schedule. This journey, in collaboration with the British Film Institute, will have a carefully planned program of movie screenings, Q&A sessions, quizzes, and talks with notable figures in the business. Prices for this epic voyage, which departs on March 8, 2025, begin at $1193 per person, based on double occupancy in a Britannia Balcony cabin.

185th Cunard Anniversary Sailing, Queen Mary 2
On June 24, 2025, Queen Mary 2 will set sail for the 185th Cunard Anniversary Sailing, marking a momentous occasion. With lectures by maritime historians and a memorial banquet, this seven-night journey will explore the rich history of Cunard. The cost of the jubilee voyage starts at $1651 per person for a double accommodation with a balcony aboard a Britannia.

Dance the Atlantic, Queen Mary 2

For dance enthusiasts, the Dance the Atlantic voyage on Queen Mary 2 promises a spectacular experience. This seven-night transatlantic cruise, departing on August 8, 2025, will feature six leading dancers from the English National Ballet performing both classic and contemporary ballets in the Royal Court Theatre. Prices start at $1854 per person, based on double occupancy in a Britannia Balcony stateroom.

Anthony Inglis and the National Symphony Orchestra, Queen Mary 2
Those who enjoy classical music will find great pleasure in traveling with Anthony Inglis and the National Symphony Orchestra. Renowned conductor Anthony Inglis will lead visitors on a seven-night voyage that will transport them to the realm of classical music when it departs on September 3, 2025. The starting price for this cultural excursion is $1397 per person, assuming a double stateroom in a Britannia Balcony.

Voyage du Vin, Queen Victoria
The Voyage du Vin aboard Queen Victoria will offer wine lovers an 11-night exploration of fine wines, in partnership with Corney & Barrow, one of the UK’s oldest independent wine merchants. The voyage will feature talks, tastings, and events with leading wine experts. Departing on October 13, 2025, prices start at $1142 per person for double occupancy in a Britannia Balcony stateroom.

Literature Festival at Sea, Queen Mary 2
The Literature Festival at Sea on Queen Mary 2 will round up the schedule. Special guests on this seven-night journey, that’s organized by The Times, The Sunday Times, and the Cheltenham Literature Festival, include writer Richard Coles and journalist Sophie Raworth. Prices for this literary journey, which depart on December 8, 2025, start at $1142 per person based on double occupancy in a Britannia Balcony cabin.

Cunard’s 2025 Event Voyages offer to provide unmatched experiences at sea by fusing opulent travel with educational, gastronomic, and artistic endeavors. These itineraries are anticipated to draw tourists looking for distinctive and engaging experiences at sea as soon as reservations open.

As reported by Cunard in their recent article  

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