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Who Can Buy a Home on ‘The World’? Exclusive Insights from a Former Resident

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Image Credit: CTV News

Discover the world of “The World,” an exclusive private residential ship that sails the globe, catering to multimillionaires and billionaires. This floating city of 165 super-luxe apartments is shrouded in secrecy and opulence.

“The World” is not just a ship; it is a sanctuary for the 1%, where entry is by invitation only. Prospective residents must be nominated by one current resident and seconded by another, and possess a net worth of at least $10 million. This vessel offers a unique blend of luxury and intrigue, reminiscent of an episode of HBO’s “The White Lotus.”

Peter Antonucci, a retired lawyer who lived aboard the ship for six years, provides a glimpse into life on this floating paradise. “While I’m not claiming that everything that occurred on “The White Lotus” also occurred on “The World,” I believe that the analogy is generally valid,” Antonucci told CNN Travel. Many rich people can be seen engaging in amusing, mischievous, or scandalous activities.”

Antonucci left the ship in 2019 after circling the globe several times. He reflects, “Once you’ve circumnavigated the globe a few times, you’ve seen it. I had seen what I wanted to see, I was ready to do something new.” Back on land, Antonucci began writing novels inspired by his journals from his time aboard. His latest book, “Tides of Betrayal,” promises “secrets, sins, and scandals” on the high seas.

An Exclusive Invitation:
Antonucci discovered “The World” through a Wall Street Journal article in 2012. Intrigued by the concept, he and his wife embarked on a trial journey from Belize through the Panama Canal. Despite initial reservations about the cost, Antonucci was quickly seduced by the ship’s luxurious lifestyle and sense of community. He described the experience as “like an orchestra with a lot of different parts. Each one was great. But together, it was a symphony.”

A Million-Dollar Purchase:
Buying a condo on “The World” is a significant investment. Antonucci estimates his first apartment cost around $1.6 million, and subsequent upgrades were approximately $4 million each. Residents can personalize their spaces, but renovations require meticulous planning and approval.

A Floating City:
Most residents use their apartments as vacation homes, often having multiple residences worldwide. “The World” visits significant events globally, such as Wimbledon and Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. The ship’s itinerary, planned two to three years in advance, is decided by resident votes. This planning involves considerations of fuel prices, crew changes, airport proximity, visa requirements, and docking fees.

Scandals and Secrets:
The ship boasts a vibrant social life, complete with extensive wine collections, on-board entertainment, and adult-oriented amenities like a spa and tennis court. Antonucci noted, “There’s a lot of drinking, a lot of partying. And that’s the fun of it.” However, this lifestyle also fosters scandals and secrets, with affairs being commonplace.

Antonucci’s departure from “The World” was driven by a desire for new experiences and a shift in interests. He now enjoys life in Florida, focusing on golf and horses. Reflecting on his time aboard, Antonucci cherishes the memories and friendships he made, stating, “Those are all very, very special memories. And I’m glad I got to share them with friends.”

In conclusion, “The World” remains a symbol of luxury and exclusivity, offering its wealthy residents a unique lifestyle filled with adventure, intrigue, and unparalleled luxury.

This story was originally featured on CNN

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